The ultimate educational, capacity building and networking event for the youth of the beef industry

November 2024

Roma, QLD

The Young Beef Producers’ Forum is a two-day conference focused on providing educational, networking and capacity building opportunities for u40 year old‘s with an interest in the beef industry.

Now in its 19th year, the YBPF is of the highest quality, inspiring, engaging and life changing – equipping young beef producers to make a difference in all aspects of their lives, including on-farm, off-farm, family, personal and business related areas.

This year’s theme is Taking the reins.

The event has been developed for young producers, by young producers. With the guidance of a steering committee sharing their perspectives and ideas this event has been coordinated by the Future Farmers Network.

So whether you’re a beef producer, involved in a family business or have a connection with the industry, this year’s Young Beef Producers’ Forum is simply not to be missed.

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From specialised industry leaders & successful beef producers


Firsthand success journeys & practical knowledge


Maximum results for yourself personally, your business, your career


With like minded young rural people & make valuable connections


What's happening in the beef industry & how it affects you


The social atmosphere, industry dinner & Roma Cup races


"The Young Beef Producers' Forum provides a great platform for young beef industry stakeholders to get together and 'chew the fat' on important issues. 
YBPF offers networking, learning, personal and business development opportunities tailored to young beef producers that are otherwise hard to come by."



"Overall it was a really enjoyable forum which I would recommend to anyone in the beef industry. All of the organisers were extremely helpful and it was well organised."

Hannah Geri, Graduate at Teys Australia,

2016 attendee

"Thank you for such a wonderful event! All of the speakers were thought provoking, inspiring and informative."

Sara Jeppesen, Project Officer at CHRRUP

2017 attendee

''First year and I will definitely be back. It was an incredible experience and I learnt so much about the industry and was very motivated."

Elle Fordyce, UNE student

2016 attendee